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PLMJ launches Advanced Course - Artificial Intelligence & Law

It is inevitable: artificial intelligence is the topic of the moment and of the future. Controversial, it arouses enthusiasm and expectation, but also fear and uncertainty. Doubts are growing: How will 21st century society acclimatise to this new form of intelligence? How will human intelligence adapt to this new reality? What risks and disruptions will it bring?  

Literature, which is so often the herald of the most futuristic movements, set the tone. But it was cinematic imagination that pushed past the boundaries of what artificial intelligence could mean for societies. Utopia, dystopia, curiosity about what was to come. The visions were almost always negative, almost always portraying a struggle between human beings and evil machines, rife with legal challenges and moral debates. From Metropolis to Blade Runner or Minority Report, much has been said on this topic.

This makes it crucial to stop and think: to look and to really see, and not to have preconceived ideas about something that is already real.  

The Robotics and AI Course that PLMJ is launching is intended to see the inevitable. Taking a legal perspective, it will address hot topics including ethics, humanity, respect for the individual, and the role of AI in the individual’s employment, social and family relationships. The course will share knowledge and create a forum for a fruitful discussion. It will not presume to answer all the burning questions on this topic, but rather, and most importantly, it will serve as a basis for work and debate between specialists, experts and the curious, whether they are academics, scientists, lawyers, journalists or opinion makers.

See the programme attached.

PLMJ launches Advanced Course - Artificial Intelligence & Law
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