Leading Portuguese firm. On the side of businesses.

We are a leading, national, independent law firm in Portugal that is focused on providing legal advice to the business sector, and we have one of the largest teams of lawyers in the country.

Leaders for over 50 years, we are proud of the culture we have built. We see our clients' challenges as our own and we put our people at the centre of our strategy to ceaselessly excel in delivering value to everyone who places their trust in us.

Our teams are made up of the best lawyers in the country, we provide a full service, and we take a multidisciplinary approach. The agility of our teams combined with in-depth knowledge of the sectors where our clients operate is a defining feature of the way we position ourselves: as true legal partners.

The only complexity we embrace is the complexity of the challenges our clients bring us. In delivering solutions, we are passionate about clear communication and we work with a keen focus on the desired results. We believe in long-lasting, transparent and committed relationships.

Our commitments:

+ Our clients' challenges are our challenges

+ Knowledge, pragmatism and long-term sustainable solutions

+ Teams tailored to our clients’ needs that combine legal talent and in-depth knowledge of their sectors and jurisdictions

+ Adding strategic value to all solutions

+ Sharing our clients' risks

Who we are
  • National and international coverage
    Clients from +100 countries
    Presence in 7 countries
  • Quality and specialisation
    +150 Lawyers with PhDs, master’s and LLMs
    +25 Lawyers teaching in universities
  • Proximity
    10 Languages
    9 Desks
  • International recognition
    +25 International awards
    10% Of Fortune 500 companies advised by us
  • Size and multiculturalism
    +400 people
    57 partners
  • Pioneering and innovative
    Top 50 most innovative law firms in Europe

Our history

PLMJ has existed for more than 50 years. And throughout our history we have always been sure, as we are today, that we will continue to lead. We have the responsibility of being the first project in Portugal to establish a modern law firm. And that mission has marked PLMJ’s brilliant journey.

At the end of the 1960s, António Maria Pereira invited Luís Sáragga Leal to form what would become the largest law firm in the country. It was all the result of a vision that the future would confirm was right over the course of the firm’s history. In the following decade, Francisco Oliveira Martins and José Miguel Júdice joined the two founders. “P” for Pereira, “L” for Leal, “M” for Martins, “J” for Júdice. PLMJ was born and quickly established itself as the benchmark for legal services in Portugal. Four letters that today represent the talent of more than 400 people.

And what does PLMJ's history consist of?

Pioneering spirit. From day one, we valued the strategic importance of training and retaining the best lawyers. There is no more powerful watermark than quality and PLMJ was the first to offer clearly defined professional development with access to the firm's capital, and objective, transparent and shared performance assessment criteria. And we have continuously adjusted these criteria over the decades to permanently align the expectations of the best talent with the firm's objectives and growing needs.

Efficiency and specialisation of our lawyers. We began training specialists even before this status was recognised by the Portuguese Bar Association. To this specialisation, we then added cross-practice teams with in-depth knowledge of our clients' businesses and growth challenges.

Internationalisation. We saw the opportunity and the contribution we had to make to the countries with which we have historical links, to strengthen the PLMJ brand in other countries and make it, and all of us, an international byword.

Perhaps what is most unique about PLMJ is its culture. PLMJ is what Portuguese society should be: a place where there is room for all those who stand out on merit and share our values. We have no other criteria. When we talk about PLMJ, we talk about freedom, innovation and about always debating opinions. We speak of independence. Of cohesion between different professional profiles and generations. Always looking to future generations. Honouring the past, surpassing it in the present and projecting it into the future.

Only those who give up cease to reinvent themselves in order to grow. It is with this attitude that we were born. It is with this attitude that we will continue to live in the future that we always face with renewed confidence.

 "We have been pioneers and often the very first. But nostalgia, only for the future.”

Awards & Rankings

Trainee lawyer programmes

Building tomorrow with PLMJ

At PLMJ, lawyers and management teams are made of the same stuff. We are meticulous with what is and non-conformist with what might be. We have the will to make tomorrow happen today and to do it with our eyes on the world that needs to be built. What are you made of? This is our matrix. Do you fit into it?

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