PLMJ and Legau join forces for the first Portuguese legal AI Assistant


PLMJ and Legau are deepening their partnership with the launch of the Legau AI Assistant, which will enable a giant leap forward in the use and integration of generative artificial intelligence in the delivery of legal services.

Although the use of traditional artificial intelligence has long been a reality in large law firms, the use and integration of generative artificial intelligence has presented far more complex challenges and very real risks, particularly in terms of information security.

This is precisely one of the transformative aspects of the Legau AI Assistant, which has been designed to provide a specific framework for the sector and the Portuguese legal system, guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of the data processed with this tool.

Another feature of the Legau AI Assistant is that it ensures that the information uploaded is only used for the intended purpose and is not taken into account in the development of the models. As a result, it remains within the universe of authorised users, greatly mitigating the known limitations of other similar tools.

Another challenge that the Legau AI Assistant addresses, where other solutions have fallen short, is that its effectiveness does not depend on the greater or lesser ability and willingness of lawyers to use the technology. Generative artificial intelligence and AI assistants are relatively new technologies and applications, so the solutions on the market require lawyers to have skills that are still far from widespread, such as prompt engineering or, put more simply, being able to give the necessary instructions so that the results generated by the application are actually the desired and appropriate ones.

Legau AI Assistant already has 16 use cases specifically designed to respond to tasks commonly performed by lawyers in the provision of legal services.

Legau AI Assistant has already been tested within PLMJ over the last few months by a number of lawyers participating in a test group, with results that have largely confirmed the potential of this partnership with Legau. Ongoing collaboration and feedback between the Legau team and PLMJ will allow for continuous optimisation of the Legau AI Assistant, which will profoundly change the way legal services are delivered in the near future.

Bruno Ferreira, managing partner at PLMJ: "At PLMJ, we are obsessed with finding a service delivery model that matches what clients are increasingly - and rightly - demanding from their partners: productivity, speed and added value. We are certain that generative artificial intelligence will force the entire sector to rethink aspects that have been crystallised for decades, namely a structural reassessment of the value for money they receive and what they pay for services that are specifically supported by technology. And at PLMJ, we want to be ahead of the curve and offer them exactly that. Even before the Legau AI assistant, Legau had demonstrated its exceptional ability to develop an application that supports legal work. The law firm experience of two of its founders makes all the difference when it comes to understanding lawyers' needs and how they work".

Luís Alves Dias, CEO and co-founder of Legau: "This deepening of the partnership is a natural step in the relationship we have been developing with PLMJ, with whom we share a taste for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, and a concern to improve the lives of lawyers. We have been very pleased with the level of adoption and interest in our AI Assistant by our clients' lawyers, and we want to continue to help PLMJ consolidate its vision as transformative legal experts on the Portuguese and international scene."

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