A Multidisciplinary Vision
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PLMJ's construction law team brings together a group of specialist lawyers who have the expertise and experience to deal with every aspect of this area of the law.

This team provides a broad range of legal services to clients in the construction sector, including contractors, designers, suppliers, project inspectors and developers. Our lawyers advise on everything from the initial licensing and other matters crucial to construction projects, to handling works contracts and the supply of goods and services, overseeing project management, monitoring compliance with construction laws and conducting judicial and arbitral dispute resolution.

Demonstrating its experience and broad coverage, the construction law team works closely with PLMJ founding partner, Jose Miguel Júdice, and has a team of lawyers with solid experience in all areas of construction law. The team boasts substantial knowledge of Portuguese and international practices (such as the FIDIC model and others), procedural mechanisms and the forms of alternative dispute resolution commonly used in the construction industry.