PLMJ Advogados, SP, RL

A Multidisciplinary Vision

Retail & Commercial Licensing

Franchising as a business model has long been part and parcel of everyday life in Portugal, particularly in relation to the globalisation of services and the retail food and non-food trade in various sectors of activity. In response, PLMJ has set up a multifaceted team which brings together several lawyers who are highly skilled and experienced in providing all the legal support necessary for implementing, contracting, licensing and developing the various franchise network types in Portugal and aboard which are increasing in breadth and diversity for both franchisor and franchisee.

This team is particularly well equipped to negotiate and conclude a wide variety of franchising contracts, to create innovative solutions for franchising network remuneration structures and mechanisms, to establish guarantees to ensure compliance with contractual rights and obligations and rules of use for innovative concepts, as well as to ensure the protection of specific know-how and other intellectual property rights associated with the use of a given trademark or brand name.

The members of this multidisciplinary team are lawyers with specialised skills in the franchising area who are ideally suited to providing legal advice on the specific issues that apply to each type of franchising network. These issues involve administrative licensing and/or compliance with other legal provisions that govern commercial activities under a franchising framework.

The PLMJ franchising team has considerable experience in providing legal and contractual support for master franchisor contracts for companies intending to set up in Portugal, as well as in advising trademark holders or business operators with specific know-how or assets who wish to invest in the creation of franchising business models as a means of diversifying and increasing their business and commercial activity.

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