Exhibition and Documentary - FPM#4 Bons, menos Bons e outros Sobreviventes

Feb 2023
PLMJ Lisboa - Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo 43, 1050-119 Lisboa
We are very excited to present the documentary that celebrates 20 years of the PLMJ Foundation and, at the same time, to inaugurate the annual exhibition in our gallery. Falling as it did in the middle of the pandemic, the 20th anniversary deserves a proper celebration, and now is the time to hold it.

The documentary on the first 20 years of the PLMJ Foundation is directed by Abílio Leitão and it forms a retrospective of the main milestones of the institution, from the time of its creation until it became an institution of significant cultural interest with an unparalleled collection of contemporary art. The film by the Portuguese director also portrays how the history of the Foundation is intertwined with that of its founder, PLMJ.

The exhibition FPM #4 - Bons, menos Bons e outros Sobreviventes (Good, less Good and other Survivors) takes as its starting point two works with the same name by Susanne Themlitz. These works are present in the exhibition, which includes a selection of 28 Portuguese artists and foreign (Community of Portuguese Language countries) artists from the PLMJ Foundation's collection, in various media and formats. The representation of the body throughout the exhibition presents us with a fragmented relationship on gestures, faces and figures, in diverse locations.

Authors represented in the exhibition
Albano Silva Pereira, Andrea Inocêncio, Arlindo Silva, Augusto Brázio, Brígida Mendes, Carlos Guarita, Cecília Costa, Eduardo Guerra, Eurico Lino Do Vale, Fernando Lemos, Gonçalo Pena, Joana Bastos, João Leonardo, João Maria Gusmão e Pedro Paiva, João Penalva, José Chambel, Julião Sarmento, Júlio de Matos, Manuel Botelho, Márcio Carvalho, Mário Macilau, Noé Sendas, Pedro Valdez Cardoso, René Tavares, Rui Calçada Bastos, Susanne Themlitz, Tiago Baptista, Vasco Araújo.

João Silvério


PLMJ Foundation

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