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PLMJ Think Tank

We are a platform for ideas, debate and innovation
The PLMJ Think Tank is a platform for ideas, debate and innovation that pushes the conventional boundaries of knowledge.

It brings together the minds of our lawyers and thought leaders from academia and industry, law and other scientific disciplines.

We are driven by the purpose and passion to meet the challenges of a demanding and ever-changing world. That is what our signature means: Transformative Legal Experts.

The Think Tank is more than a training centre. We are a community dedicated to identifying key practical issues for our clients and society, and to forging innovative solutions.

We join forces and challenge ourselves to go beyond what already exists to create new, dynamic and transformative knowledge. With the contribution of those who are already doing it, who are not satisfied with what they have, and who want to do more and better.

We firmly believe - and we practise this in our approach to law - that true innovation and the creation of new knowledge comes from the collaboration of diverse and experienced minds. We want to be a meeting place where scientific research is transformed into knowledge capable of answering the questions posed by everyday practice.

We want to contribute to the creation of a common knowledge platform based on diverse and interdisciplinary contributions, accessible to all. We want to go beyond the existing. We want to open the door to the knowledge produced within PLMJ and by our contributors in their institutions, and to share it, develop it and make an impact on the issues that we believe will mobilise and shape economic activity. We want to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge, research and dialogue among those closely involved with the challenges of the changing world.

At the heart of our model is the philosophy of Legal Design Thinking, a creative process that takes legal challenges and turns them into opportunities. We analyse each problem from the client’s perspective and create results that not only satisfy, but raise expectations.

For the time being, we are focusing on two areas which, by their very nature and even by the new challenges they bring to law and business, deserve our attention and commitment: Corporate Sustainability [insert link] and Fintech [insert link].

Join us in this collaborative space where knowledge is not just reproduced, but creatively and systematically built. We are here to challenge the status quo, share valuable insights and shape the future of legal and business practice. The PLMJ Think Tank is more than a project. It is at the forefront of transformation and innovation.


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PLMJ Think Tank
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